A Brief History of BusinessMind Software for Jewelers

BusinessMind for Jewelers is a modern software application for managing retail, wholesale, and manufacturing jewelry business operations. It was first released in 1994 and has been under continued development by DCIT Corporation for the last 20 years.


In the early 1990's DCIT Corporation was engaged in the business of building custom software applications for jewelry businesses of all types. Gradually it was realized that even the most disparate systems being built shared certain common requirements and implemented some of the same business best practices. DCIT soon put together a small team of programmers whose goal was to create a core jewelry business software which included the common feature requirements across the diverse jewelry industry. Thus BusinessMind was born and in those early days, it was used as the core foundation upon which custom jewelry business applications could be rapidly developed.


Today BusinessMind for Jewelers has evolved to provide a full feature set that will simplify and organize the tasks that all jewelry businesses should perform. For jewelery businesses with additional requirements, BusinessMind is still used as the foundation for rapid custom application development.

Raffi Minassian

Chief Codesmith, Technology Obsessor, and Founder of DCIT Corporation. I also teach Kung Fu, play guitar, snowboard, and enjoy good beer. (Not all at once.)