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We help you discover new ways to use technology to grow your business.

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We can build completely custom applications for you.

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From Our Blog

North Eastern Jewelry Store's Holiday Shopping Weather Outlook

23 Nov, 2015

Here is an article that is just for fun, brought to you by our resident BusinessMind Software for Jewelers engineers who also happen to be weather enthusiasts. Working at DCIT Corporation I am in constant contact with many jewelry retail operations. It's at this time of year where many jewelry stores utilizing BusinessMind Software for Jewelers, often wonder how the weather will effect holiday business. I must first say that I am not a meteorologist, rather a weather enthusist. Forecasting long rage weather can be very volatile; as the slightest changes in the atmosphere can influence the weather. Weather models

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Jewelry Store Point of Sale

13 May, 2015

The BusinessMind for Jewelers point of sale screen illustrates design targeting the unique requirements of jewelry stores. Jewelry Store point of sale is perhaps one of the most challenging types of point of sale applications to build. This is because jewelry stores usually require a very wide variety of operations to be performed from their POS locations. For example, most jewelry stores provide at least the following services for their customers across the counter. Sale of Items Transaction receipts Accounts receivable management with credit limits, payment terms, and store financing options. Payments via cash, check, and credit cards, with the

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