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The creators of BusinessMind Software for Jewelers

BusinessMind Software for Jewelers

The most advanced software for jewelers


BusinessMind Software for Jewelers integrates full retail, manufacturing, and jewelry wholesaling features for traditional brick and mortar shops and online businesses. It is available as a localy installed or cloud based solution.

Modern Tech

We are committed to keeping the core technologies and code base of BusinessMind Software for Jewelers modern and up to date. The application code and structure undergoes a complete refresh approximately every 5 - 7 years.

First Class Support

We back BusinessMind Software for Jewelers with highly reliable, available tech support services through our dedictaed online help portal.

BusinessMind Software for Jewelers in numbers

Used on Apple Computers
Uptime greater than 6 months
Retail Jewelry Businesses
More than one office/store

Just a few of the companies we work with

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We are committed to keeping BusinessMind a modern app built with the latest proven technologies and we have done just that for the past 20 years.

Raffi Minassian
Founder, DCIT Corporation

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We help you discover new ways to use technology to grow your business.

Consulting Services
  • Operations Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Technology Assessment
  • IT Security
Web Presence

BusinessMind integrated web site design and development.

Web Presence Services
  • Site Design
  • Site Development & Hosting
  • BusinessMind Integration
  • Ecommerce

We can build completely custom applications for you.

Custom App Development
  • Spec/API Creation
  • Design & Development
  • BusinessMind Integration
  • Web/Mobile/Desktop

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